Ukrainian artist, works  with the acrylic and charcoal on canvas technique.
The individual project by the most mystical artist of TSEKH Gallery, Rustam Mirzoev, – «ALMOST REALITY» (2016 – TSEKH gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania) – is about the conflict of the two realities – the aesthetical (true) and virtual (fictional) ones.
Rustam Mirzoev explores the «parallel reality» – memories, dreams, psychedelic states – within his individual projects (2016 – «SUMMER», 2014 – «CHARCOAL», Kyiv, Ukraine) and group exhibitions (2016 – «LEAP TO EUROPE», Vilnius, Lithuania) and contemporary art fairs (2015 – ArtVilnius, Lithuania). 

There are the artist’s art fans in many countries of the world.Born in 1974, in Nikolayev, Ukraine


Born in 1974, in Nikolayev, Ukraine
1993  –  Graduated from Crimea Art School 


2014 – ART-VILNIUS’14, Vilnus
2013 – Art-Moscow