Mykola Bilous
2.12.2016 - 15.01.2017
14, Mykhailivs'kyi Ln., Kyiv, ART 14 Gallery
Cruiser. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 120,5×200 сm
Easy rider. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 150×110 сm
Mechanic. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 140×100 сm
Retro. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 132,5×185 сm
Fictional love. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 140×198 сm
Good luck. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 140×150 сm
Contrabassist. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 150×140 сm
Road. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 150×140 сm
Fellow traveler. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 135×200 сm
Motorbike and dog. 2016. Аcrylic on canvas. 130×200 сm


The ingenious contemporary method of Mykola Bilous has been developing. His new project “LOVE and MOTORBIKES”, consisting of ten great paintings, is referred to the artist’s juvenile memories. His father used to collect bikes. The artist grew among them.
It is the first time the author addresses the “biking” theme, and this theme unexpectedly reveals a true nomad in him. His plots are both intimate and conceivable. Having fundamental knowledge in art history, the author justly highlights a truly ageless topic – aestheticization of a motorbike as a powerful and expressive erotic conflict between males and females, which often happens at Biker Street…     
For those who are not experts in the topic, the key aspects of the artist’s method should be outlined: 1) excluding black from a drawing’s “body”; 2) applying “basic tone” – mixture of the three main colors: red, yellow, and blue – in place of the shadow; 3) harmonious combination of open main and additional colors in one layer, which makes the technique reminiscent of calligraphy.
…Every project by Mykola Bilous is an invention in chromatics – we can actually trace the process of the artist`s genuine scrutiny of colors: the hallmark of the new project is the combination of four tints of blue and a few tints of red and green. Only yellow, violet, and orange colors are currently “not tuned”. But let us be patient. Maybe therein lies the artist’s chromatic dramaturgy of upcoming projects?