Andrius Šarapovas
Generative Music Kinetic Installation

Kinetic Generative Music Installation from Andrius Šarapovas on Vimeo.

Can statistics sound like music? Andrius Šarapovas' kinetic art installation, which will be open at the TSEKH gallery until June 18th, invites visitors to experience how data generated through a person's reality and behavioral patterns can be revived from the digital world and returned to the real one by being transformed into generative music.

According to Andrius Šarapovas, “Statistics draw a map of reality, making it two-­dimensional. The effect of music is the direct opposite. The XIX century Romantics’ slogan – “all art constantly aspires towards the condition of music” refers to experiential musical abstraction, inherent perceptual freedom, and the unity of subject matter and form. In the XXI century, when everything seems to turn into digits, these qualitative characteristics may be of even more value and worth being actualized”.

The installation turns people's 4G network browsing into musical sounds. This is done by a dedicated algorithm that was created to turn one second of browsing on the 4G network into one second of music. The number of connections to the network in different regions of Lithuania controls the volume of the notes being played and their rhythmic distribution, while the amount of data transferred during those sessions determines the notes' pitches.

The installation consists of 77 segments distributed throughout the exhibition space. Each segment consists of a metal bar, a sound activator, a sound damper, a resonator, and mechatronics. The distribution of the segments in space forms 4 narrow and 11 wide directions of movement. The number of segments and their positions were in part determined by the spatial and acoustic characteristics of the exhibition space.

Andrius Šarapovas (born 1980) lives and creates in Vilnius. Studied sculpture in Israel. Has spent last 18 years creating electro-­‐acoustic music as well as music for theater performances and films. Has created experimental video pieces and short films shown at festivals in Lithuania and internationally.

While creating this installation, the artist was assisted by a team of more than 70 professionals from various fields – programmers, engineers, and electromechanics.

Company in charge of production of the installation: SomeFilms, Vilnius. The initiator of the project: Tele2, a company that encourages innovations.