Yaroslav Derkach
Vortex cigarette carton. 2019. Author’s technique. 30,5×16×9,5 сm
Eight. 2019. Author’s technique. 30,5×15,5 сm
Absorbing stand. 2019. Author’s technique. 30×18 сm
Bell mushroom. 2019. Author’s technique. 25×18 сm
Binoculars. 2019. Author’s technique. 26×26×17,5 сm
Self-hammering hammer. 2019. Author’s technique. 35,5×29 сm
Semi-invisible cube. 2019. Author’s technique. 29×24,5 см
Meteorite. 2019. Author’s technique. 27×26 cm
The letter T that became an art object. 2019. Author’s technique. 25,8×20 сm
Packaging. 2019. Author’s technique. 24×13,8 сm
10 absolutely black artifacts by Yaroslav Derkach are called upon by their frightening strangeness to dispel the sleep of reason – the habitual subject-object state of human consciousness creating an “objective” picture of the Universe.
Using an absolutely black color when creating these objects, the artist completely removed these items from the familiar map of the universe, which is also commonly called objective reality.
Conveniently labeling the world around us to make it easier for processing, our thinking inevitably distorts its picture. The primary task of contemporary art is to set a good shake-up to human perception in order to shake delusions that are considered to be a reliable, consistent picture of the world.
Non-objective objects show us with their form the limitations of human perception, which is crucified on the cross of the three-dimensional space and doomed to creep forward to entropy along a time scale. Where is the second part of the semi-invisible cube? Perhaps it rests in the fourth dimension inaccessible to perception, like the faces of a tesseract – a four-dimensional cube, or maybe it’s just ahead of our time – beyond the unbridgeable edge of the space-time continuum? 

The most banal in its squareness form of a block of cigarettes, unwrapped on a space-time map, acquires a vortex configuration, being no longer an object, but a wave flying through a universal continuum. Just like our lives, inexorably burning like a cigarette.