Erika Miklóšová. Ján Vasilko. Žofia Dubová. Monika Pascoe Mikyšková. Miloš Kopták. Viliam Slaminka
14.12.2021- 12.02.2022
The exhibition presents works by Slovak artists, whose creativity is shown for the first time in Ukraine. The exposition through artworks demonstrates the peculiarities of these countries in relation to each other. 
Perhaps the most common thing that confuses Ukrainians in Slovakia is language. There are many words that sound the same but have a completely different meaning. «Zátišie» is translated from Slovak into Ukrainian as still life - a genre of art that depicts inanimate objects. Therefore, at the exhibition can be seen works of Erika Miklóšová. The author tells the story of her family with the help of clothes that carry value for the artist, referring to the past or a particular person. Ján Vasilko fascinates by his technique, with which he also presents still lifes. 
«Затишшя» in the Ukrainian language means peace, calm, silence, balance, etc., and for many foreigners this is exactly what they associate Slovakia with. Such an atmosphere can be seen and felt in the works of Žofia Dubová and Monika Pascoe Mikyšková. 
Differences between Slovakia and Ukraine can also be observed in the field of ecology and nature care. The caring attitude of Slovaks towards the environment is reflected in the work of Miloš Kopták. For example, his series of works Venus indicates that animals should be considered as living beings who have the same rights as humans. The author urges us to give in to our comfort for the sake of the environment. 
Viliam Slaminka works with certain stereotypes of society that are part of the lives of both Ukrainians and Slovaks. In the work Iron Army, the author with a pink color and an iron of camouflage color points out the inexpediency of delimitation of household responsibilities, as well as the perception of pink as only a woman’s color. 
Curator Oksana Hoshko