Sergey Zubenko
mixed media
11.12 - 27.12.2009
Laziness, 2005, 27x27cm
Pig, 2009, 22x22cm
Rio de Janeiro, 2007, 32x32cm
Figaros Hochzeit, 2004, 32x32cm
Crepuscule, 2006, 32x32cm
Couplets of Charlie Chaplin, 2002, 27x27cm
To hell with you, 2008, 32x32cm
Champagne Bubbles, 2006, 27x27cm
It is not just a tractor, 2008, 27x27cm
Remember, Mama, 2003, 27x27cm
Dance of joy, 2005, 32x32cm
Mame, 2004, 27x27cm
American cinema, 2003, 27x27cm
Why I love, 2005, 32x32cm
Anguish of vulgar, 2009, 32x32cm
Before now, 2003, 32x32cm
Golden rain, 2004, 27x27cm
Meetings, 2007, 32x32cm
Canta Pe’me, 2006
Waitin for the Moon, 2008, 32x32cm
Sergey Zubenko
mixed media
11.12 - 27.12.2009

Collection of the Century or New Retro by Sergey Zubenko

This is not typical beginning for contemporary art. Sergey Zubenko had spent around ten years for preparation of his first project. And this fact arouses bewilderment, and then – admiration. Because artist in a modern world is a participant of universal rush, and those, who do not make an “exhibition-every-half-a-year”, are usually outside the stream – they are not mentioned in the media, are not well known by curators, and not discussed by public.

For ten years, between studying in art school and his first solo show in gallery “ZEH”, Zubenko has created around 30 works. In project “Collection of the Century”, the artist exhibits mixed media – “ideal copies” of old vinyl records accompanied with music.

Interactive art of Sergey Zubenko plays notes, which are familiar from childhood; says worlds that are deep inside the memories; and re-creates openhearted romance of vinyl, which is still one of the best audio data medium. (Musical accompaniment of paintings is a copy of original vinyl record.)

In general: this is our new original retro, the art of several generations that have nostalgia for the beginning of the 20th century aesthetics.

One more detail. For years working on the project, Sergey had invented his own artistic method to portray lights in a picture - as well, as original vinyl records, his paintings reflect light in a special way, making the viewer believe that he sees real objects, proving that the art is an artistic skill, which has powers to confuse and force to change the angle of view.