Group project
25.08 - 23.09.2008
in a private residence on Borichev Tok Str. 23A
Belous Nikolay, Ermolenko Yuri, Pavel Kerestey and Susanne Clausen (Szuper Gallery), Korn Beata,
Nataliya Marinenko, Melnichuk Viktor, Oleksuk Sergey, Petrov Eugeniy, Say Aleksey, Solomko Yuri, Tsagolov Vasily


from August 25th till September 23th
in a private residence on Borichev Tok Str. 23A

August 25th - September 23rd At the mansion on 23a Borichev Tik street


Nikolay Bilous
Yuri Ermolenko
Pavel Kherestey and Susanne Clauzen (Szuper gallery)
Beata Korn
Nataliya Marinenko
Viktor Melnichuk
Sergey Oleksuk
Evgeniy Petrov
Alexey Say
Yuri Solomko
Vasiliy Tsagolov

Curator: Natasha Sheiko

"Unauthorized self-admiration"
By Vasiliy Tsagolov

Dear colleagues!

We are independent Kiev artists, who do not have our own studios from the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Recently, we were forced to occupy apartments that supposed to be capitally repaired or destroyed. In that way, appeared and disappeared artistic communities - on Ivana Franka street, on Parizka Comuna st., on Velika Jitomirska st... One could move into that kind of an apartment only by self-will and with the help of unofficial and unlawful means as bribes and presents to property owners. Later, it became impossible to create such "settlements", because the "construction boom" has begun. Nowadays there are no more buildings, which are waiting for being repaired and are suitable as art studios. However, there are many buildings on construction for a long time or in private or communal property. It becomes possible to move into those buildings by agreement with security. Also is possible scandalous settlement, which can bring public attention to artist's problem. It makes no difference whatever the apartment owned by regular man or by millionaire. We have chosen that luxury house, because it is located in the historical heart of Kiev. You can see picturesque views from its windows. We will be lucky to remain here for couple of months! Let us consider this as a victory! Let the contemporary art live! Vasiliy Tsagolov

"Unauthorized self-admiration"
By Natasha Sheiko

Dear friends!

Recently, we were "alternative" gallery "Zeh" that huddle in small welding workshop on Podil. Our exhibitions lacked the magnificence of exhibition space, professional light and media attention. Artist's works were forced to be limited in size; we had no room to contain visitors at the open night. Times have changed (at least, for us), and the luxury mansion has turned into mini-museum of leading contemporary artists of our gallery. Valuable artists obtain respectable exhibition space. Works talk for themselves; they all have the fresh spirit of breakthrough. A certain courage and self-admiration, which are based upon actual symbols and quotations. Obviously, they all have blameless technique. Nobody cancelled quality. Moreover, this is another reason to admire ourselves. We are happy of what is done!

We admire our artists. We admire ourselves!

P.S. thanks to the house owner

Natasha Sheiko