Yaroslav Derkach
7.07 - 21.07.2011
Kraiina U, 2011, canvas, oil, 100х170 сm
Vaba, 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm
Lit, 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm
D'Gori, 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm
Krasa, 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm
Minlyvyi, 2011, canvas, oil, 100х170 сm
Mezha, 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm
Navstrich, 2011, canvas, oil, 100х170 сm
Avzhezh!, 2011, canvas, oil, 100х170 сm
Khyst, 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm
Shkerebert', 2011, canvas, oil, 170х100 сm

Yaroslav Derkach
7.07 - 21.07.2011

Realization of myth about easy and joyful Ukrainian life is the purpose of the project “Country U“. This myth is conscious opposition to reality, in which majority of us are creatures quite sickly and indeed disconsolate. Reasons of such position are well known, there is nothing to discover: art space is overcrowded with the critical lighting up. Actually, in consequence of the boundary critical attitude toward a man, Ukrainian (and not only) art appears as extremely leak-tight phenomenon, because criticism is only one of the stages in a process of cognition of man. After this stage certainly there is a necessity of creation of something that can satisfy at last. That’s where a hedonistic idea of the “Country U“ nests.
Figurative art is the most adequate form of embodiment of such idea, in my opinion. Within the actual art the figurative presents completely market unit. The strategies of figurative art are appropriate. Except not many, as always, works that indeed merit attention and investments, the figurative area of art simply executes show-business orders. The function of game in the art is substituted by seduction, any movement is carefully simulated. But the necessity to feel a real emotion, a joy of life, all this actual drive, still exists. Substitute, even in the beautiful packing, is not too edible. I don’t want to be a sheep, which eats those pigwashes made by adroit cooks, listens to all depressed suggestions and disowns its own identity with strengths and pleasure.
Let’s summarize. Will to life instead of dull consumption, man against biorobot. Such a new humanism appears itself.
                                                                                                               Yaroslav Derkach.
Yaroslav Derkach is an artist and philologist from Lugansk. In his works he often uses the experience of conceptual painters. The drawn text sense is as important for him as a visual appearance. With his diploma in Ukrainian philology he still lives in a Russian-speaking town, but nevertheless continues the fight for the native language and for the art.
He also works as a carpenter in Lugansk. Yaroslav Derkach is the brightest example of a young and independent Ukrainian artist, maybe, a little provincial, but at the same time authentic.
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