Linas Liandzbergis
14.12.13 - 22.03.2014
I have more to say, my dear, 2013, acrilic on canvas, 70x110
Ugly Duckling, 2013, acrilic on canvas, 70х120
Two сontemporary art apologists in academe, 2011, acrilic on canvas, 100x100
The last clan’s photo, 2012, acrilic on canvas, 150x400
Three grenade, three kings, 2011, acrilic on canvas, 135x200
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, 2011, acrilic on canvas, 100x200
Picnic on a roadside for those who leave Lady's Land, 2011, acrilic on canvas, 100x100
Ted Kaczynski's dream come true, 2013, acrilic on canvas, 100x100
Gentle, family, atomic, 2012, acrilic on canvas, 200x150
Skywalker work at night, 2013, acrilic on canvas, 80x70
Game over, 2013, acrilic on canvas, 200x100
Linas Liandzbergis
14.12.13 - 22.03.2014

All Lithuanians are romances. This is Republic of painters and poets. The tradition to carol the nature and "sacred landscapes" is in a genetic level of Lithuanian. Despite the fact, that the country bordering by Baltic Sea and about 30 % of its territory covered by forests, Lithuania was one of the last pagan country in Europe.

In this context, the famous Lithuanian artist Linas Liandzbergis behave like hooligan, who, during the writing of lyrical landscapes, breaks them by colorful "inserts". Sharp color geometry of "mounted" multimedia images creates the collage effect. As a result, soft classical background begins to look like almost absurd.

Landscape painting is relatively young genre. It was transformed into an independent thematic element, primarily because of Impressionists works. The heyday of this type of painting is associated with the invention of paint in tubes, which helped artists to work outside their studio.

In the modern urban space, landscapes around us have the ability to change all the time. And almost the only one chance to make a "freeze" - visually fix them. In the present work of Linas "relaxed realism" is in confrontation with kitsch "visual viruses", it looks like they are constantly in a dynamic struggle. Someone sees in the Linas works light sadness about post-imperial ambitions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Linas offers to look at the picturesque landscapes from the symbolic point of view. Despite their visual diversity, they are quite metaphorical. The titles of works underlined the irony of such artistic gesture and simultaneously create the plot tension. Thus, one of the works dedicated to Ted Kaczynski - American mathematician, anarchist, who nearly 20 years send bombs by mail to scientists, entrepreneurs and directors of companies that exploit natural resources or work on the development of computer technologies. On the work "I have more to say, my dear" painted cocktail table with glass and pocket pistol. The work “Last Clans Photo" is almost tragic, because quite easy to predict the fate of the pins over the abyss. The haloes are single circular objects on the picture titled “Two Contemporary Art apologists in academe". Work “The Last Clan Photo" is almost tragic, because relatively easy to predict the fate of the pins over the abyss.

Being in the semantic field of this exhibition is hard to resist from quoting of Baudrillard and his theory of simulacrum (an image without the substance or qualities of the original) as well as the principle of images montage by Slavoj Žižek. Paintings from the "Pseudo Lithuanian Landscape" project might be wonderful illustrations for book called "From the Renaissance to Postmodern". As a result of combination romantic backgrounds and striking implications, Linas landscapes reflected the atmosphere of contrasting nowadays. Clearly, they send viewers to a different type of landscape, not really natural, and not really Lithuanian.


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