Євген Петров, Мікола Білоус, Рустам Мірзоєв
25.03 - 20.04.2017

Exhibition Outcasts presents artworks of three artists of the gallery – Ievgen Petrov, Mykola Bilous, and Rustam Mirzoev – wich have a uniting plot theme – outcasts of society.

If it were misunderstood street artists, often called vandals by the society, the homeless, people with unusual looks, elderly or who don‘t correspond with the general standards of decency, even when not being alone – forming groups in their own heterotopias or trying to blend in with the mixed crowd, they suffer from rejection and loneliness. They are misunderstood, and often their images are used to frighten, that is why they stay excluded like society‘s waste.
Society often de facto ignores outcasts,doesn‘t recognize or even doesn‘t want to show interest in their problems and, consequently, doom them into depressive social stalemates, this way the path to a normal life is being blocked.
The exhibited artworks won‘t solve their exclusion but will let visitors emphasize with the role of outcasts and maybe will help to look at these experiences from a different perspective.
Ievgen Petrov (b. 1972 in Kherson, Ukraine) graduated from International Academy of Arts in Odessa in 1996, his works were exhibited in personal and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, France, Netherlands. Petrov‘s works are kept in different collections in dozens of countries worldwide.
Mykola Bilous (b. 1956 in Lisovichi village, Ukraine) graduated from Art and Industry institute in Kharkiv in 1987, later taught art disciplines in the National technical university named after Y. Kondratyk in Poltava in 1998-1996. His works were exhibited in personal and group exhibitions in Germany, Lithuania, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, France. Bilous‘s artworks are kept in private and gallery collections in Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, Austria, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, Russia, Ukraine.
Rustam Mirzoev (b. 1974 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine) graduated from Crimea art school in 1993, his works were exhibited in personal and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia.
Curator Karolina Rimkutė