Vytenio Street 6
LT-03113 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 679 24 972

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 2 p.m – 8 p.m
Free entrance

Successful Ukrainian contemporary art gallery “TSEKH” has opened its branch gallery “CECHAS VILNIUS” 26th of July. Kyiv based gallery is active since 2005, and it pretends to be one of the most successful and independent contemporary art initiatives in Ukraine. Within these 11 years “TSEKH” implemented more than 400 exhibition projects, including museum exhibitions and various international art fairs. 
While the head gallery continues its work in Kyiv, the new gallery has opened its exhibition hall in Vilnius. “For our team and artists it is a great honor to be opened in Lithuania. We strongly believe that in the nearest future Vilnius can be regional art center, meeting place for culturally active and creative people. That’s why we decided to establish it here,” – says gallery's founder Mr. Oleksandr Shchelushchenko.
Gallery opening is a vital event for Vilnius as well- it will be the biggest private exhibition venue in the whole city. Idea of “CECHAS VILNIUS” opening originated in 2012, but it came alive when the right space was found. New gallery was opened at Vytenio str. 6, in the building which used to be a Soviet Builders House of Culture.Before year of 1939, there was a plan to build up a church – some building works had even started but after the change of authorities, they were forced to stop. After few decades of being frozen this building was finally finished an set up as Builders House of Culture. After regaining Lithuania’s independence, the owners of this building kept changing but no one of them were capable to revived this huge construction. Before the gallery was opened, some major changes for these premises were made - roof and walls were repaired, floor was renewed as well as the second loft was installed. This was an intense period of time, involving lot of commitment but we are proud to have a new massive exhibition venue available for citizens and tourists. 
The first exhibition “Leap to Europe” represents six “TSEKH” resident artists - Mykola Bilous, Ievgen Petrov, Yaroslav Derkach, Sergiy Oleksiuk, Rustam Mirzoev, Valya. Their works vary in different genres and techniques - starting from watercolor to interactive installations. At the beginning gallery is planning to show only Ukrainian contemporary art but eventually it aims to also collaborate with Lithuanian artists and curators. “TSEKH” has already initiated five exhibitions of Lithuanian artists, for instance, “Pseudo-Lithuanian landscape” by Linas Liandzbergis (2013), textile exhibitions by Žydrė Ridulytė, Eglė Bogdanienė, Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė (2011), project “Breaking point” by Ray Bartkus (2009).
“Striving to Europe it is a key factor in Ukraine’s development and Lithuania plays important role in it. We appreciate Lithuania and all Lithuanians for their support. Our team is very grateful for this hospitality and assistance found here in Vilnius, it's priceless” – gladly said “TSEKH”s founder Mr. Oleksandr Shchelushchenko.
It is our honor to be opened in Vilnius