Ukrainian artist, she lives and works in the USA. VALYA explores the topics of memory 
and oblivion, as well as gender.
1978 - Master of Art in Textile & Design, Academy of Decorative and Applied Art, Lviv, 
Professional experience:
1978-1997 – Designer, Cherkassy Silk Factory, Ukraine, USSR
1997-2000 –  Professor, Head of Department of Fashion Management, Kyiv National  University Culture and Art, Ukraine
2000 – presence – Artist
2003 – presence – Freelance journalist for Archideja, Ukraine

Solo shows:
2015  –  SHE, TSEKH gallery 
2013  –  A VALYA Retrospective, Vision Art Museum, SD, CA
2011  –  Everything But Memory, TSEKH gallery
2009 – Cell Memory. BABA,  Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA
2008 – Cell Memory, TSEKH Gallery
2005 – Flights in Dream and Reality,  Betriebsraum Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2003 – Color Here and Abroad, painting on silk,  Phantom Gallery, Oceanside, CA
2001 – Lavender Dreams, Elle Lui Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA
1996 –  Tapestry and Painting on Silk, Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1991 – Tapestry and Painting on Silk,  Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Selected exhibiions:
2013 / 2017:
«Earth Stories. He Knew That She Knew That I Know» 
Michigan State University Museum of Art, Michigan, MI 
Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, CA
Huntington Museum of Art, WV
Erie Museum of Art, Erie, PA
2013 / 2016:
«Radical Element. Titanium» 
National Academy of Sciences,Washington, DC
Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, Melbourne,FL
2014 –  Art Auction 2014,  fundraising exhibition at Oceanside Museum of Art, CA
2013 – Metaphors on Aging: SAQA Exhibition, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England   
2013 – Out of Tradition. Contemporary Decorative and Applied Art, The Ukrainian           
            Museum, New York, NY
2013 – Juried Biennial at the William D. Cannon Art Gallery, Carlsbad, CA
2012  –  Quilt Visions 2012: Brainstorms, Vision Art Museum, SD, CA
2012  –  Grey Scale, Strathmore Fine Art Gallery, North Bethesda, MD
2012  –  ARTVILNIUS’12 Biennial, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012  –  CONTEXTILE, Contemporary Textile Triennial, Guimaraes, Portugal
2012  –  Tracing the Steps, Vision Art Museum, San Diego, CA
2012  –  Here and Now, Werby Gallery, Cal State Long Beach, CA
2012 – Everything in Between: Art Quilt, Fabric Collage, and Embroidery, Braithwaite Fine 
            Art Gallery, SUU, Cedar city, Utah
2011 – Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE’11, Picture Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania 
2010 – California Fibers 40 Years, San Bernadino Valley College, CA
2010 – Cannon Gallery Biennale, Cannon Gallery, Carlsbad, CA 
2010 – Beyond Comfort, SAQA travel show
2010 – No Boundaries, Quilt Visions at Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside CA, 
2010 – Creative Force 2010, SAQA travel show
2009 – Dream Weavers, Riverside College Gallery, Riverside, CA
2008 – Forms in Wood and Fiber, Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA
2008 – California Dreaming: California Fibers at Convergence, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art 
2007 – Triennial of Fiber Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 – Fabric of the Imagination: Art by Quilt Visions Members, Visions Gallery, San Diego, CA  
2007 – Shining Stars in the Seasons of Art, Gallery D’Art International, Solana Beach, CA 
2005 – Gathering Light”, Gallery D’Art International, Solana Beach, CA
2004 – Fantasy, La Jolla Fiber Arts Gallery, La Jolla , CA
2003 – The Fiber of Coronado, Coronado Museum of History and Art, Coronado
2003 – Arts Alive, Phantom Gallery, Oceanside CA, USA
2001 – Tactile Matters,  ‘A’ Street Gallery, Santa Rosa, Ca
1999 – Exhibition of Textile Art, Center of Contemporary Art, Lviv, Ukraine 
1998 – Women’s Vision, International Art Exhibition, Byshkek, Kyrgystan 
1996 – Exhibition of Ukrainian Silk Painters, Museum of Contemporary Decorative Art, Khmelnitsk, Ukraine
2013 – Jurors’ Choice Award, 2013 Juried Biennial at the William D. Cannon Art Gallery
2012 – Honorable Mention at Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE’11, Kaunas, Lithuania
2010 – Brakensiek Caught Our Eye Award, No Bondaries, Quilt Vision gallery, SD, CA
1980 – Best of the show at Annual exhibition of Art and Design, Kiev, Ukraine
1000 Quilt Inspiration, Quarry Book, 2014
Fiber Arts Now, Spring 2013 , volume 2, issue 3, page 44 - 45
Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Art, L’viv, Ukraine
Museum of Modern Ukrainian Decorative Art, Khmelnitsk, Ukraine
Private collections:
Great Britain, Germany, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, New Zealand