Jolita Vaitkute
# foodporn

Jolita Vaitkute presents the first exhibition of her works. The exhibition will run from 4 December until 21 December at Tsekh Gallery (Vytenio str. 6, Vilnius).

#foodporn was born out of exploring the boundaries between allowed and inadmissible forms of visual expression on social networks. 25 food art acts speak of interpretative nudity in virtual and real life. Behind every composition are real people. Some of them undressed before the artist, others sent a photo or selfie.
These works were forbidden from appearing on television, but people in the pictures are less naked than the sexualized content of some commercials. Tea leaves that you usually use and the vegetables you eat put together in the right places become as different bodies. However, you will not be forsaken by the perception that it’s just a carrot or beetroot. Nudity in the works is everyone's interpretation.
Jolita Vaitkute (1995) is a young artist, but she has been implementing various creative projects for ten years. After making her debut as a food artist, Vaitkute eventually turned for perspective installations. Currently, one of her largest installations – “Awaken from Books”, is displayed at the Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania. #foodporn for the author herself is like a kind of return to the beginning of her work, where, after some transformation, she works with the material she started with – food. The exhibition consists of four sections: “Manifesto”, “Bento”, “Tea Sketches“ and Birth”.