Mykola Bilous, Rustam Mirzoev, Ievgen Petrov
7.11.2020 - 8.01.2021

The project consists of works by the residents of the Tsekh gallery: Bilous, Mirzoev and Petrov.
The works are collected according to the idea, that the landscape is an important element of the composition and sometimes even the "main character".

Exploring their work for 14 years, you can notice their craving for the depiction of people, animals and objects. It is extremely rare for figurative artists to turn and find interest in depicting landscapes and the surrounding nature. Each of the artists uses a landscape according to their style and visual solution.

In Bilous’s work the landscape is a color construct, that can live on its own. For Mykola Bilous this is another opportunity to lay out the open of color in an original way. The signs of the colored forest work like the semantics of colors on a woman's dress or motorcycle. Rhythm, relief and color matching remain unchanged.

For Ievgen Petrov a landscape is not possible without an interaction, that has a greater meaning. Petrov thus relies on the landscape and this makes the plot even more absurd, surreal.

A landscape for him is a background for an event or story. Always depicted perfectly, hyper-realistic, often with documentary precision.

Mirzoev's landscapes are rarely separated from the characters, sometimes they come out of them or on the contrary, are something more informative. The background and the person are equal, their interaction is not always incomprehensible.The landscape sustains the psychedelic mood of his works. Moreover, his landscapes are often as distant as possible from the author's own reality.

Landscapes are collected from different projects and individual works, like a statement or sketch. They are united not by an insane love for nature, but rather by the necessary neighborhood with it and, as a consequence, the adoption of its laws and beauty.

Curated by Olexander Shchelushchenko